Well folks ive just had a shower "thanks to mother nature And for free, fully clothed while i fed the roses

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Peace perfect peace

Yep the rains returned and i like many a fool went out and got caught out big time,

Tobe honest i blame the trash man and his "one man trash collection wagon"
Here in france they"re very very keen on this recycle thing And im all for a clean state (dept / hamlet) call it what you like you just cant beat it and that very much the french way things are,
But my two dogs run like hell when they see this giant truck pull up with warning alarms going and flashing lights and then the shock of all the side opens out and heads sky bound and yet more flashing lights and then the shock of all this giant claw thing lifts out from the inside of this now open space and collects the trash bin and as it lifts upwards (half the trash falls out onto the track) and the rest has to stand the test of (If the plastic trash bin can stand being beaten against the vehicles metal frame)
And then yet a different sound as the engine picks up to a Harley engine sound as the bins returned to its collection point (half empty) and ready for the next fly family to make a three week holiday home,
And now the scary bit, the french are great ones for saying hi and smiling, (But this guys had a fight with the dentist many years ago and has no teeth except for the ones he takes out while saying " HI ROAST BEEF" No wonder the dogs run a mile when he arrives they think the outer world has invaded us,

Well it was dry when he arrived and so after clearing up the mess and half filling the bin I thought i'd feed the roses and thats when i got my free shower
But "She who must be obeyed" (the wife)
gave me a big cuddle and said i was a goodin for going out and sorting the trash out, (she did'nt know i'd been rose feeding :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:
The i was handed a nice thick towel and told the dogs have got all wet and need to be dried !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Who said it's a dogs life?

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