Transplanted roses

May 24, 2019
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United States
Hello, so I transferred some roses from one spot to another in my backyard. They are about 8 years old. They seem to be unhappy. I made sure the hole was moist and have been giving them water about every 3days. I also planted a new one from the store and it’s gone wilty. Just want to make sure I am giving them what they need. Any suggestions would be appropriated.

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You did'nt say if you put a slow feed at the base of your hole, ie fish/blood/bone or guano is an other very good slow/long term feed.,
The plants going to be in that spot for a very long tiime and a good start makes all the difference,
If you think it needs it try a little bit of shading from the sun for the plant thats looking a little wilty

also the time of day you trans plant in a hot country, ie if the ground's very warm the water will not last long before the heat evaporates it and the roots get little if any, later in the day or early in the morn is better pre the heat drying the ground up, a wet mulch around the plants such as grass cutting will also help.

I hope this little bit helps, (y)
Apr 14, 2015
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Inverness, Scotland
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In a hot climate your roses will need to be watered every day until their roots are established. Watering so regularly will wash nutrients from the soil and roses are hungry plants. I suggest you feed them approximately once a month until fall/autumn this year. Feeding needs to stop then to allow dormancy through the winter period.

Rose growers including myself here in Britain do not mulch at the base of roses as it tends to harbour diseases. Leaving the soil bare at their bases helps to counteract this. I suggest giving each of your roses two to three gallons of water per day - watering at the base of the shrubs as tap water may damage the leaves. The best time of day is after sunset as they will absorb the water overnight at the lowest time of evaporation.

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