Texas Peach tree w/ Medley Plum graft.

Jun 16, 2016
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Austin, Texas
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United States
Hello, and thanks for reading!

Finally, I've successfully grafted another stone fruit variety onto my Texas Peach Tree. (Yay me!) :D
The Medley Plum graft seems to be doing quite well and has a decent amount of foliage on the branch.

However, my concern/wonder now is how to actually get the branch to fruit and grow vigorously.
While the branch is growing and it's only been a few months now (grafted this past winter), will I actually get any fruit?
I wonder if my Peach tree is already too large -- therefor dominating the Plum since it's a single branch.

Does anyone have suggestions ? Do I need to severely trim back the peach so that there is an equal level of branching going on?

Attached are some photos of the branch as well as the Texas Peach tree for reference.
The darker, shorter leaves are from the Plum. You can see a comparison in the last two thumbnails inserted.

PS: The Texas Peach tree is thriving and producing so much fruit! So much that a bunch has dropped -- but still leaving about twice as many as the previous year.

Thanks :)

IMG_0668.jpg IMG_0671.jpg IMG_0652.jpg IMG_0653.jpg




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