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Jan 31, 2018
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A week ago I bought a new Epson printer, which offered £30 cash-back. But their site wouldn't recognise the serial number.

I got sick of hanging on the end of a phone. So I wrote to Epson last week explaining that,

I got a call back this morning and a very helpful woman registered my five-year guarantee for me. She also gave me a direct line phone number in case I had any more problems.
So now I could claim my £30 cash-back. I had to do it on-line she couldn't do it.
After filling in my details bank account number etc., it asked for a photo of the receipt. Not a problem, but I had to reduce it to 8MB.

It also wanted a photo of the serial number, "which is on the back of the machine."

"No it's not numpty, it's on the bottom!"

I had to position the machine half over the counter top in my "office" then lie on my back to photograph it!
Then reduce it to 8MB before I could send it.
I didn't risk turning the machine on its side, as I could have had ink everywhere.

This is the best I could do. I dunno how they are going to read it, but the site accepted it.


Anyway, it's done now and I'll get my £30.
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