Some well given advice from those who are experienced in life

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Peace perfect peace

Hi Folks Try this little lot.

If you see any Land for sale and you can afford it "Buy it"

Because there not making anymore

You can wave a £10 note or a $20 note in front of a dog but it wont wag its tail,

Give the same dog Love and affection and just see that dogs tail Wag.

Three sure things in life
(A) Your born.

(B) You'll Die one day,

(C) You came into this world with nothing
And you'll take nothing with you when you leave;

You can't buy time no matter how wealthy you may be.

You only get one body so look after it.

Here's a few for the kids

If you feel sad ?
Tell your granny she'll understand !!!!

You didn't pick your mum and dad,
But they picked you.

Dont ask any child their thoughts about anything,

"They'll only tell you the truth and it wont be the words you want to hear ???? :jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop:

For the old folks

They didn't make "Benches to sit on alone :happy:
Try sharing?

Britian would be a great place to holiday
If only they could put a roof on it.

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