Resources to learn more about tree care in hot/desert climates?

Feb 1, 2023
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Middle East
United Arab Emirates
Hi, first post since joining the forum.
I've been growing annuals for about a year now, still a lot to learn but I feel like I got a handle on parts of it :), especially for the specifics of my part of the world (desert climate, of which it seems a lot of the usual advice doesn't apply...)

I've been wanting to get into Perennials/Fruit trees for a while now and will finally get a little patch of dirt to work with. From what little I've learned, it seems that taking care of trees is wildly different to Annuals, especially when it comes to watering.
Some people prefer a constantly moist base, others dry their trees for weeks before giving them a bucketload all at once, etc. I'd at least like to learn the concept behind what I'm doing before getting started.

Are there any resources online to learn more about this topic? For context the trees I'm thinking of planting are Persimmons in the shaded region, Mulberry Trees in a part that recieves full, hard sun, and a Passionfruit vine along a sunny wall


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