Overgrown Clematis

May 9, 2022
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I would very much appreciate your advice on how to tidy up and prune back a very large and overgrown clematis plant please? We purchased a property a number of years ago which have two varieties of clematis growing over a perimeter hedge. Both are beautiful plants and are in full bloom at the moment (May) but I am unsure of the actual varieties.

Over the last two years the darker variety of clematis (wine coloured leaves) had become extremely unsightly - with large masses of tangled bare growth visible lower down. The plant is also pushing further out in to the garden each year - but less of the stems are producing buds. I think there may have been some damaged on the upper section of the plant when new electrical wires were being installed. I am extremely unsure of how and when to prune back this plant - particularly as some of the seemingly dormant vines still seem to have a small area of growth randomly appearing. I am anxious to restore the plant to its former self - but concerned I could do more damage than good if I attempt to cut back the older non producing stems. I actually have no idea where even to start the pruning process - or indeed when. Should I focus on the older growth down lower first? Or perhaps do nothing and allow to recover?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks,


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