Nosey people

Sep 29, 2012
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I really wanted to tell him that his dog had NO business being in my yard in the first place, but I didn't think that would have helped us be good neighbors, so I refrained, and just let him grumble.

People are truly amazing! How is it always your fault when they don't train their pets (or their children) not to behave inappropriately?

Another oldie but a goodie is "Why do you want to know?"

Oh, yes, I've used that one; the response will be "I just wanted to know," or "I was just trying to make conversation," or "Is it a secret?"

I'm getting better about maintaining my boundaries; the older I get the more I realize that being polite doesn't mean allowing other people to infringe. Really, I have no trouble telling people something is none of their business either directly or indirectly (sometimes a look or a raised eyebrow is all that is required), but there are some situations where you have to be careful about what you say.

Admittedly, in the scene the line I quoted was taken from the ladies involved had a comfortable relationship, one just wasn't ready to open up yet.
That is an important distinction that is lost on most people. Especially since we all know that if you share too much then they're judging you. When I first meet someone I may not ask that many questions, especially if it's a man, because it suggests you are interested in the person in a way you may not be.


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