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May 29, 2024
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At my house
New Zealand
Hey everyone, I'm Emma and I absolutely adore gardening, although I wouldn't call myself an expert! I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and share a bit about my little garden haven.

I'm thrilled to have found this site because I always have so many unanswered questions about gardening. Currently, I'm living on a farm, although I don't own it, and I've been lucky enough to have a small paddock where I grow all my own food. In this space, I've managed to fit in one large tunnel house, three wood-raised beds, a medium Vegepod, and an herb garden. I'm also a huge fan of flowers, so they're spilling out of my home and bordering my living space. I grow all the basics like brassicas, root veggies, and tomatoes, but I also love experimenting with new fruits and vegetables. I prefer to grow all my plants from seed because it gives me a great sense of accomplishment and I love the entire experience.

Living in a colder climate means that I can't grow plants that need hot summers, but I do try my best! On this platform, I'll probably be asking questions that might seem very simple to others, but I would be incredibly grateful if someone could bear with me and provide some answers. I would also love some help in identifying some of the plants that have been giving me trouble. I have plenty of questions and would really appreciate any tips and tricks you could share. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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