Need help geting Pine,spruce or fir seeds

Jun 25, 2021
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Hello, my own hope is this forum really not sure how to get some of the seeds. So a year ago I came up with a crazy idea to grow out from the seeds pine,spruce and firs that only grow in North America. Some I managed to get from ebay but many just don't know where to get. People who do sell seeds from USA mostly either to expensive or don't want to send it and in Europe there is no where to find. From my idea I bought a land and already planning to plant some of them and want to have almost like botanical garden of North American trees. If someone can help me or send me some of the seeds or advice me where to get them. Maybe you even have some of the seeds and could send me.

What seeds I need
I just know the names in latin most of this trees are conifers and probably common in West coast or all over USA,but not in Europe.
-Abies Magnifica
-Abies Amabilis- Pacific Silver Fir
-Abies Bracteata- Bristlecone fir
-Pinus Contorta
-Torrey Pine
-Pinus Sabianna- Greyleaf pine
-Pinus Attenutua
-Pinus Muricata-Bishop pine
-Pinus Virgiana- Virginia pine
-Pinus Palustris- long leaf pine
- Pinus Edulis-
-Pinus contorta ssp Murryana-Sierra Lodgepole pine
-Pinus Albicaulis
-Tsuga Heterophyla- Western Hemlock
Tsuga Mertensiana- Mountain Hemlock
Abies Lasciocarpa- Subalpine Fir
Pinus Massoniana
Pinus Holfordiana
Pinus Taeda-loblolly pine
Pinus Arizonica-Arizona pine
Pinus Lambertiana- Sugar pine
Picea mariana- Black spruce

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