Made a long handled Dibbler\Auger

Oct 8, 2017
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Birmingham, AL USA
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United States

I glued a bulb auger drill into the end of a long edger tool handle to make a form of a dibbler. I had just made one for a elderly neighbor so was inspired and feeling crafty. With a pvc pipe strapped to a pointy broom type handle, she could plant corn without bending over. I had her poke the hole with the pointy end and drop the seed down the sttached length of pvc pipe into the hole. She shot corn so fast she got a whole row done in a jiffy. Then she had to go sit down for a spell!

I was quite proud of that one! I like my electric drill auger at 24 inches so I thought I might try a seed shooter pipe like I made for her but attached with the two inch type auger on a long handle from a useless manual concrete edger. I hope it works well for general dibbling like squash and okra seed, but a pointy hoe got cleaned up and repainted for row work just in case another great idea turns out to be wrong! My back may thank me!


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