Indoor winter gardening-determinate tomato varieties?

Apr 20, 2015
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Detroit, MI
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Zone 5b or 6a who knows
United States
Hello everyone! Been super busy in the garden (I've been dealing with HUGE indeterminate plants this year, my Black Cherry tomato is 7 feet tall already!).

But, I am already thinking of winter. I have a couple of grow tents, with lights and all that, that I can utilize one of them this winter. I wanted to do some of the things that taste the crappiest buying in the winter: Peppers and Tomatoes.

Not so worried on my peppers, since they never get too huge, but I noticed a lot of my tomato seeds are mainly indeterminate varieties.

So what I am looking for is a good flavored, determinate, fresh eating tomato to grow. I would prefer an heirloom variety, but would consider a hybrid depending on the flavor. I like a sweeter tomato personally...Can anyone give me some advice?


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