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At the end of last summer while visiting a chateaue i saw this long arch over one of the paths and thought im going to do the same and so went about making a series of metal arches connected together bu welding rods to form the roof and then placing fencing wire rolls over the rods and doing the same around all sides.

I then decided to have a good mix of plants to both fill in both sides and to climb over the wire roof area,

I bought honey suckle for that evening smell on those long summer nights, /clemitus/ Rose plants and sweet pea.

As the winter set in the frame covered construction didn't look very good But today ive been feedingthe verious plants and all both sides are covering the wire very well and ive a few plants ie honey suckle/ clematus are growing just up to the roof area and im expecting to have a lot of the roof covered by the end of this summer,

It's one of those projects your not sure will work and if it fails you've a 20foot frame that takes the shine off the rest of the garden but as it takes shape you feel it was worth taking that chance.

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