How to care for newly planted cedar hedges?

Feb 17, 2020
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I recently got a lot of cedar hedges planted along the edge of my property. I am wondering how much water, how frequent, and how many months I should be watering these hedges. In addition, is there anything else I should do to ensure these hedges grow up healthy.

I've been doing research online and am getting different watering instructions. My guess is because the instructions are for certain climates and different ages of cedar hedges.

The cedar hedges are about 3 years old (4 ft tall). I live in Vancouver, BC, which has a plant zone of 8a. The hedges span about 160 feet along the edge of my property. The guys who planted my hedges dug a hole, placed the tree in it, and surrounded the base with more soil.

In addition, I am wondering if I can connect several soaker hoses together to water the hedges? Is it necessary to have a closed circuit loop at 160 feet?


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