Hibiscus problem.

Sep 9, 2018
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At a yard I mow the lady has a Hibuscus that I don't think is doing well at all. When I mowed Wensday it was less than 3 feet tall but was a bright green.

She wasn't home so I sent a E mail telling her that it probably needed fertlizer.
She replied she saw a deer eat off most of it and only one small stem left. It had two stems after I mowed.

I know it was there when they moved into the house and bet it has never gotten fed any thing in the 20 some years they have lived there. I would be willing to bet that today it is so shady in that area it gets morning sun for maybe 4 hours.

Now if it were mine I would move it to a sunny location and fed it. At the least trim some of thos tree limbs back so it gets more sun
I should say her hubby doesn't care for that stuff and hates mowing why I get paid to do it.

:D Al


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