Hibiscus Help.

Apr 29, 2014
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I was given a Hibiscus as a gift for Mothers Day this year. I have no clue what this plant needs or wants in the way of care. I am just looking for some basic tips. Can I keep it inside, or will it do better outside? Does it need lots of sunlight or is it like my Peace Lilly and can survive in a closet? Do I need any special food or fertilizers to keep it flowering? Any help would be much appreciated, because I know exactly nothing about this plant.
Aug 16, 2013
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Although most Hibiscus plants are best grown outside - they now appear to be fast becoming very popular as indoor plants which is possibly because they are such beautiful plants and although there are many varieties of Hibiscus - the most popularly sold Hibiscus for indoor growing is Hibiscus Sinensis - which is I think most probably the one that you have - which if grown indoors requires

reasonably high humidity and moderate heat
are best placed in a south or west facing window as they require at the very minimum - 2 hours of direct sun each day
need to be kept reasonably moist but not soggy and are best if allowed to dry out between waterings
and regular fertilizing with a low phosphorous fertilizer throughout the growing season which is between March to October

however they don't like temperatures that fluctuate and in particular cold drafts or low humidity - which if your indoor humidity is low due to air conditioning or similar - you may have to compensate for by lightly misting the plant on a daily basis.

I think I've covered everything but if not or you have any further queries - please feel free to ask :)
Sep 29, 2012
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I've never grown a hibiscus indoors, but I'm sure that as long as the plant received plenty of light it would be possible to grow inside. They can get pretty big though so if you have a patio, it might be better to put it out there. I don't do anything special with my hibiscus plants other than keep them well watered.

They are both in pots - one's small and one's taller than I am. I do sometimes put banana peels on top the soil in the pots and I make a spray by steeping banana peels in water that I use on all my plants that produce fruit or flowers.
Jun 5, 2014
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I have my Hibiscus on my porch. I had one in the same spot last year that did fantastic (it ended up dying because I accidentally left it outside when the temperature dropped). Other than watering it when it got dry, I never really had to do much to keep it blooming. This year, I got another for Mother's day, and I cannot get it to bloom. It looks very healthy, but just won't bloom. Any suggestions?

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