Mar 13, 2022
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United States
Hi everyone!
Hope everyone is doing well and that you are all having success with whatever you are growing!
I started gardening last year in two 4 by 4 raised vegetable garden beds. I started the beds in may which was a tad late, I know, and planted by seed so I didn’t get as much as I could have, but I thought it was a very successful harvest. This year I’m more prepared. I’ve already started my Tomatoes and Celery as well as my petunias and Snap dragons. This year I am adding two more 4 by 4 boxes!
I try to harvest and grow my own seeds as much as possible. I just love the satisfaction of having a garden grown from your own seeds! Right now I’m trying to sprout seeds from a pomegranate. (I know the pomegranate plants that come from the seed won’t be exactly like the parent plant, it’s more of a science experiment).
Can’t wait to steal everyone’s knowledge!


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