Hello - I need your help with my dying fiddle leaf fig tree

Mar 2, 2021
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United States
Hi everyone, I’m new and sought out a forum to help save my 20 year old friend, my fiddle leaf fig tree I purchased when it was a small plant. Over the years I kept it inside my office in front of a large group of windows receiving indirect sun.
The tree had flourished with once a week watering and occasional miracle grow. In fact, it grew so quickly I had to top it twice a year.
The trouble started when I retired and brought the tree home. It was this past summer and I placed on my shaded back porch. It did very well until winter. I am very aware of how finicky these plants are when moved or disturbed. I decided to move it inside and that’s when things went south. I don’t really have access to indirect light in my home. I tried a small bulb light directed toward it and would rotate the tree.
I thought at first there was root rot so I repotted 6 weeks ago...I know. Wrong time of year but I was correct. The roots were horribly soggy and the soil was wet. I repotted into a smaller pot, trimmed back some of the rotted roots being careful not to over cut. I used miracle grow moisture control, perlite and made sure the pot has ample drainage. I also lined the bottom with small rocks as well.
I sought out a forum to help as my tree is dying. After successfully raised it for 2 decades I feel horrible. This is a very treasured tree and am open to any suggestions. I’ve had it insideo our house at approx 70 degrees F in front of the best window I have.
I’ve snapped some pics. I see a few green stems so I am trying to be hopeful. In the past week the remaining leaf has developed random brown spots (see photos). I don’t see any evidence of insects. The leaf is starting to wrinkle now and that what prompted me to ask for help.
Please be kind with your responses. Thank you in advance!


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