Greenhouse Gasket/rubber strip help!

Mar 5, 2021
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United Kingdom
Hello everyone,

I am in desperate need of some help!

I recently picked up a second hand greenhouse (which I believe is an 'EasyStart' greenhouse) and we are missing a rubber strip/gasket that acts as a glass separator for the front and back panels. Unfortunately I only realised we were missing the final strip once I had put the others in place, so don't have an image where it isn't inserted into the greenhouse. Without this I can't finish the greenhouse. Sorry if I'm over explaining but the strip looks like a H strip and is double sided, the triangular piece of glass slides into the top slit, and the rectangular bit sits on the underside slit if that makes sense.

I've attached the images here. If anyone knows what the specific name for this is/where I could find something like this it would be a big help. So far I can't find anything that matches its profile online, and all the glass separators seem to be hard plastic and not silicone/soft rubber like this one.

Thanks again


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