Gone, But Now Not Nearly Forgotten.

Jan 31, 2018
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Keir Hardy
United Kingdom
At the age of seventeen in 1957, I started my first job at an insurance company in the West End.
There were about a dozen of we teenagers, mostly girls but two boys, myself and one called Charlie. We became friends. We both acquired old cars before we were eighteen and spent a lot of time together driving to coffee bars and up to Soho on Saturday evenings, or to the jazz club on Eel Pie Island in Twickenham.
By the time we were nearly nineteen, I didn't spend so much time with him, outside work, as I had a regular girlfriend
He died in tragic circumstances whilst still nineteen.
Over the years, I've thought of him on occasions, but memories fade and I could no longer recall the name of his girlfriend.
He was becoming, "long gone and almost forgotten."
I'd made many internet searches over a few decades but without success, although, at the time it made front page news on several occasions.
My sister mentioned him the other day when we were discussing our early life, so I decided a couple of days ago to make another search and I found this.


The photograph looks a bit odd as I remember it was a full-length one taken of us standing together "posing." He doing his "James Dean impression" I was on the left and was cut out and it's obviously been "squeezed" a bit.
I remember it was taken by one of the girls in the office.
A further search found this in newspaper archives. I would imagine this was a photograph she had taken when she was at school, which her mother gave to the papers. The photographer, could have made the effort to get her to straighten her school tie.

By the time Eddie came to trial, Charlie was long dead.
Carol's mother said in court that Eddie was a lovely boy and when all this was over, she wouldn't mind if he wanted to take out one of her other daughters.
There's no record of what they said!
Both mothers came to court and sat together, as they were friends.
Eddie went to the meeting with a knife and a piece of rope. It was pre-meditated murder, which ever way you look at it.

The death penalty had yet to be repealed

This I found today is a nonsense,


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