Filling a space

Jul 25, 2020
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United Kingdom
I have a little space in my my boarder and would like something colourful to go up against my neighbours fence??any ideas would be very welcome



Peace perfect peace

What are you asking ie are you wanting a perennial such as the Kniphofia (red hot poker) this has colour and will fill a space or if you want a higher growing shrub and a nice evening smelling shrub how about the honey suckle you can have your own support for this via 4 canes in a wig-wam shape "again these dont take much room and both are sun loving plants,

If how ever your looking for a smaller annual that flowers all summer and provides its own seed for next year sowing and dont mind soil conditions or shade or sun then the tagart is a good choice,

The Rudbeckia (corn flower) is a nice happy looking perennial "yellow leaves and a nice black face" this comes up every year,
Here's just a few, give more info ie ref space you have and if sunny or shady and soil ie lime or acid, / clay etc & if you want a high grower or a plant that needs to spread itself?

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