Dogs and dust

Jul 5, 2020
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United States
Hi all,

I have a small yard in the Bronx, which I have landscaped quite a bit. The problem is my two dogs, and the soil. The dogs, as you can imagine, tear everything up that they can get their paws on. The other problem is that the soil is incredibly dusty as soon as it dries out the least bit, it's got the consistency of fine sand. So, with the combination of dogs and dust, the yard is pretty awful in the spots where I let the dogs go freely.

My plan: Put in pavers with an inch or two of space in between them, in which space perhaps, just perhaps, I might grown some dwarf clover, which is supposed to be resistant to dog urine. As I put in the pavers, I've got to dig up a good bit of the soil, and I want to replace it with something better. I've put in a combination of peat moss and garden soil in one area, until I realized that I have no idea if that will work, or what might work better.

My question: What type of soil mixture should I use, to minimize erosion and maximize the chance of growing ground cover between the pavers?



Mar 22, 2017
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United Kingdom
Welcome to the forum @Benny Moten . It seems to me you have the start of a good soil combination there. I also use peat as a soil conditioner. If you can get hold of some farmyard manure and add that too it would be even better.
Good luck, hope it all ends up looking fabulous (y)

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