Cluster Fig Tree from cuttings

Jul 20, 2018
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I am planning to plant a cluster Fig tree grown from cuttings. Does anyone have experience in growing big trees from cuttings? Do cutting grown trees have a weaker root system?

I am planning to plant this cluster Fig tree in my farm. There are rocks 10 feet below soil, I want the cluster fig tree to penetrate these rocks and go deep vertically below. I actually want to plant a seed grown tree but I have to get it small size from nursery and grow it for months in a small container then plant it in farm due to non availability of big seed grown trees in nurseries.

Cutting grown trees of over 6 feet are readily available in nurseries which I can plant in the farm.

I seek suggestions on this. Fig trees are normally strong and have a strong penetrating root system. But will the cutting grown tree have strong roots as the seed grown tree? Since I require the roots to be strong, is it better to plant a seed grown tree by taking the extra time and effort?


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