Spider mites on fiddle leaf fig

Sep 2, 2018
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United States
So I’m pretty sure I have spider mites on my fiddle leaf and I wanted to get someone else’s opinion on what else could be affecting my fiddle leaf. First, i did see 1 super tiny little white bug crawling on the top side of one of my leaves but aside from that one little bug, I haven’t seen any others, even with a magnifying glass. Second, upon inspection I did notice what looked like webbing but it was actually rather large going around one of my leaves. Third, some of the leaves have started to form tiny little holes and other leaves have brownish/reddish dots on them. And other leaves also have stunted growth :( it’s still growing new leaves and the first one that grew after I started treating it for spider mites got to grow all the way but it still has small brown spots and tiny holes. Although, not as much as the others and you can barely see it unless you’re actually looking close. Ive noticed the new leaves seem worse off than the older ones. I’ve started wiping down the leaves with 50/50 alcohol and water solution and I mist daily since I heard spider mites don’t like humidity. I also sprayed it down but that was only once 2 weeks ago. Just today I bought Safer Brand insecticidal soap since I read somewhere else that it was good for spider mites. Thing is, I’m not 100% sure it’s mites since I haven’t seen any actual mites one the plant. I’ve attached some pictures in case anyone else has any idea what could be affecting my fiddle leaf




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