Can bulb division happen, if the bulbs aren't covered with soil?

Apr 22, 2021
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I'm still waiting (more than 6 months) for the bulbs of my my Iron Cross clover (oxalis tetraphylla) to start dividing, so more bulbs can appear and produce plants. Currently, i have 6 bulbs.

2 bulbs are under the soil.

3 bulbs are half under the soil - half above the soil, which mean only 50% of the bulb is under the soil.

1 bulb is completely above the soil, and only its roots are under the soil.

In this scenario, can these 6 bulbs produce more bulbs, or they must be covered with soil, otherwise they won't produce more bulbs?

Also, are the new bulbs produced by old bulbs, or by the roots of the old bulbs?


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