April 2019 Photo of the Month - Greenery


Mar 27, 2012
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The April 2019 Photo of the Month is now open for entries! The theme this month is "Greenery", so let's see what you've got! :snaphappy:

The rules are as follows:
  • Please submit your photo in this topic
  • No more than one submission per member
  • The photo must be your own (but not necessarily taken in your own garden)
  • Entries should be made no later than 20th March
  • A poll will be released on 21st March to select the winning photo, and voting will take place until the end of the month
  • No discussion in this topic - you will have a chance to comment on the photos when the poll has been released
  • The winning photo will be announced on 1st April and the winning photo will be shown on the sidebar during the whole of April
Good luck! (y)

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