Yellowing Leaves

May 26, 2022
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United States
I have multiple plants in my garden where the leaves are turning yellow. I have attached pictures as well.

I have recently build a new garden. Unfortunately my yard is all sand so I topped it off with 6 inches of top soil. The top soil does contain organic matter. The soil also absorbs the water fantastic and there is never standing water in the garden. I have supplemented the soil with blood meal and slow release miracle grow pellets. It also has sprinklers build into the garden.

It is watered once a day at dawn for 5 minutes. This is enough to have the water fully penetrate the soil. I thought I was over watering so I turned the sprinklers off for a week. The soil is still fairly moist a inch down. It has been over a week and the problem has not been remedied. Any thoughts and input I would appreciate.

The past 2 years have worked very well and the only change is the garden location and different soil.

Thank You all in advance.

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