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Peace perfect peace

Ive had a good day to day in the workshop mainly and i decided to sort my desk out (i have this old desk with an old filing cabinet for mainly info ref the verious tools ive collected and the old diaries full times of long ago)

While i was sorting through these old papers etc i found some bits and pieces that made me think of my childhood and when i did live in a very rough area of the north of england not like the life i live now but was life safer then ?

I played in a street without many cars but lots of kids, and mothers who stayed home and did'nt work,

What ever happend to,
The things your mum would say to you like " If ive told you once and twice "I'll not tell you a second time" ?

And when she'd say go and play on the railway, !!!!!!!!!!! "We did'nt have any grass area's No fields or parks only concrete back yards and the front door led onto the street,
the only grass area was the embankment that was at the top of the railway tracks, and all the kids had long ago taken the fence down and played on that area,
So it was the norm to hear some stressed out mum telling kids "Go play on the railway"

What happend to those street games, the long rope tied to the old Lamp post and girls running under the swinging rope singing songs "like two six nine the goose drank wine etc, And the event of the day when someones Mum would join in the skipping?

What happend to Hop-scotch, and that other game of film stars ,?

The pop man delivering Lemonade on a friday afternoon and leaving the full bottles on the door steps never to be taken by anyone except the house owner?

The rag and bone mans horse drawn trailer (the horse was black "but was known as silver" we did'nt know any other horses name) If you gave the ragman enough rags he'd give you a gold fish!!!!!!!! (Sorry mum) I gave me mums washing to him off the line, :oops:

What happend to going to the saturday morning kids picture house , Screaming and booing the Indians ,
And that older kid who'd open the fire doors and let you in for half the full price, (cash only)

What happend to all those cardinald painted door steps and cleaned windows by the window cleaner every week ( money was tight and all the houses in our street we're old and damp "but door steps and windows had to be cleaned"

What happend to
Thos invisible horses every kid had "the ones you had to smack hell out of your own arse to make the horse go fast, And you had to know how to tie an invisible knot when you parked the horse up outside the nice mans sweetshop so it would'nt be stollen,

And the nice mans sweet shop, the nice owner who would be asked time &time again on friday (pocket money day) How many of those do you get for a penny?
And have you any Lucky bags left ? (these Lucky bags really we're left over bits of sweets from the big jars) But boy did that shop owner put up with us kids,

And fat john our local Policeman who'd walk up & down the street telling us to keep off the railway, (He educated us to what a push bike was, we never ever saw him ride his 'he'd just push it along "Hence the fat john name tag" And our education ref the meaning of the word "Push bike"

What happend to kids having manners and saying please and thank you? Was it because of the warnings "Mum gave us if we visited any aunt"
ie (Now if your offered anything you say No thank you, and another thing "Dont fidget, sit still") The visit seemed like days instead of hours,

What happend to people knitting
"you dont see many woolshops these days, "Every family had an granny who knitted " My gran knitted me my first and last swimming trunks, I remember her giving them to me and i was so proud of these post office red woollen trunks that when i tried them on in her house like an international model they fitted perfect "just under my belly button and nice and tight around my bum,

I dived into the pool while on our school day baths visit, all the class was watching both boys and girls,
As i climbed out of the pool everyone looked, I'd been subjected to a red die and the waist band was around my nipples as i held on for modest sake,
The bum area of the trunks was around my knees and the swimming pool was a blood red colour, I never really got over that and could hear the laughter for weeks?

What happend to kids eating kid size meals ?
We did'nt have one over weight kid in our street or school for that matter,
What happend to bed rooms only used for sleeping in?
Now these room's are fitted out with TV's and P,C, and the kids pers/mobile phone ?

What ever happend to friendship in the world ?


Sep 9, 2018
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Most died after the second world war vets dieing off.
The new bunch didn't have time any longer to teach manners to their children, cook them seprate food from what the reast of the family was fixed to eat. freaking spoild brats to day given every thing under the sun includeing the freedom to be rude and crude.


Peace perfect peace

What ever happend to the street dog, the one that was waiting for you when you got home from school and joined in all the games?
"Who owned that dog anyway" ?

And those slippers old people would wear, the ones made of a tartan sort of material with two cats eye like buttons on the folded over sides?

And ladies wearing a head scarf ? And one huge hair roller in the front of the scarf folded over her hair ready for the saturday night at the Bingo ?

Those plastic table covers, ?

what happend to the trend of OXO tins for every use !! Such as the sandwiches packed in with a folded grease bread cover wrapping paper with loose tea/sugar ready for the dinner time break and the HP sauce bottle with the milk?

The knock on the door and the kids being trained to tell the caller "Me mum's said she's not in" ?

What happend to women being able to cook "Anything'
todays women dont always have the skill to cook a sunday meal" Many a newly married couple have failed due to this problem.

What happend to christmas day morning and all the kids showing off what santa had delivered (the used re-painted push bike,
The little girls playing with that dolls pram of prams, (you never see girls playing with dolls/prams these days) the street was alive on christmas day,

What happend to people being able to walk along a street without holding a phone and talking to "nobody" ?

What happend to people being able to except whats said without reporting whats, said just to cause upset,

ie a friend of mine got his first full time job having just left school in a big city store, He was a lift operator
his job was to press the button for each floor and announce what floor the lift was coming on,
One day he announced what was going tobe the next floor ie Going down Ladies under wear ,
He lost his job for saying that?

What happend to having a blob of butter rubbed on your brow after bumping your head ?

What happend to the class room " snicher"?
The one who always hand their hand in the air with some important info for the teacher

"Please miss bobby's just farted i heard him !!!!
and the snichers sister joined in "And please miss i smelled it" (These people become the old curtain twitchers later in life)

What happend to fist fighting in the play ground ?
It's become knife fighting,

Peace perfect peace

What ever happend the guy with the Mill bourd around his kneck and the message on the bourd said,
The worlds coming to an end tomorrow?
Much to my dismay he was still on that street corner the next day,

What ever happend to those flowers i found in the cemitary on my way home from school,
I gave to my mum,
when i was 5yrs old and the card fell out that said
see you soon in heaven?

What ever happend to the shop called the Dolls hospital,
All the girls took broken dolls to this shop in tears,
Sep 9, 2018
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What happened to the days when people kept their nose to them selves?

The days when you could let your children out to play in th eyard and you didn't have to stand guard over them for fear of a pedifile?

What happened to the days when you could plant a veggie garden in the front yard along with the back yard?

What happened to the days when people (mostly women.) knew how to can veggies and fruit?

What happened to the day you could ask for a pigs head at the butcher shop and get one for free and make head cheese?

For that matter what happened to the butcher shop withthe displays of meats and rolls of white wrapping paper and spool of twine?

What happened to the drug store with the lunch counter?

What happened to the five and dime where you could buy bulk candies?

What ever happened to shoes made of real leather?

what ever happened to the shoe repair shop where you could get your real leather shoes resoled and new heels installed?

Whyat ever happened to the day when people were willing to wait for a new car the color they wanted and the radio they wanted?

What happened to the day you did not fear going shopping, did not need to wear a mask?




Peace perfect peace

What ever happend to those public loo's you paid a penny to use?

What ever happend to the toilet wall writers and the poems that kept us occupied while sitting and waiting for nature to deliver?

ie Here i sit broken hearted,,,,,, Paid a penny and only farted,

Or the drawing and instruction of what to do,
Ie Please follow this line ,
The line started from the wall to your left,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! continued to the door in front of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! continued across the wall to your right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and then back to the wall it started off back on the left and the finishing message,
You've now completed an 160 degree circle.

What ever happend to those loo doors with a two foot gap at the doors bottom?

What ever happend to the inner door locks that never seamed to be on the door?
Who's got one in their workshop today?

What ever happend to all those girls at the dances who all went to the loo at the same time?
ie 10 girls and only 4 loo's.

What ever happen to those chewing gum machine's with a sign telling you they had spearmint flavoured contents made by durex in the mens loo?

What ever happend to that tracing paper loo paper that just would'nt sink when flushed?
And should have had an Anti skid risk warning printed on it.

What happend to the missing loo seat ?
Do we have a loo seat grave yard some place?

What happend to the reasoning that it's a good idea to put OAP's nursing homes next to the grave yard?

IE it it good for these OAP's to look out of the window to see the next stop in the?

What happend to the vicors daughter who went to the church youth club and told me when i got two plums up and one more pull of the handle to
"HOLD YOUR PLUMS" and now have a good pull.

What really happend to Noah's Ark ?
Was he just a keen D.I.Y'er?
If it was happening today he'd be one of the best customers in B&Q or Home base,


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