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Peace perfect peace

Morning to all and a special thanks to all the people who keep this forum going and trouble free for us old farts who can just about change a light bulb, never mind understand enough to keep the inter/net forum up to date, THANK YOU.(y)

Well its going to be a little cooler today and ive some planting to do and "as her in doors say's" Potter, Yes i'll be pottering all day the car wont see an ignition key
And the boys (four legged ones) will have a visitor to look at, he's been here many times and he's here this morning, his name is spike and he's a Hedge hog,

I think he gets fed up with both living alone and eating slugs all the time so he joins the boys for breakfast of dog food and biscuits and fresh water,
(Dont feed milk to hedge hogs it gives them diarea)
He seems to be at home here when he visits ive even fished him out of the pool in the past, he and the dogs get on just fine, He's not bothered about the boys sniffing him and they get fed up with him after a while "So he's got the run of the place really"

Ive a mixed C.D. Playing just now little richards just finished Tutti fruiti And now Fats domino Blue berry hill, The oldies are the best, and these last two tracks are gardening ones,

Well folks nature is calling (gardening nature) and im keen to get a start so until later enjoy the day and the garden.


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