Starfruit in temperate maritime!

Apr 23, 2019
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The other day I bought a star fruit. This must have been the most delicious fruit I have ever tasted, but I'm sure I've said the same about some other tropical fruits too. Anyways, it started with some saved seeds from an Averrhoa carambola fruit bought at the store.


This year I wanted to germinate some, just for fun. It's pretty warm and I guess global warming is on my side. It's a beautiful little guy! I live in a temperate maritime climate. Not all seeds came up. Out of three only this one did.


Now the biggest challenge I think, is to give it the right growing conditions. Soil is very important so I went looking for clay loam. Here is what I found so far and it looks like sandy clay loam or a similar kind of mixture. How can you tell?


The large lumps break apart when you smash it with a hammer. It becomes a little like sand or dirt and when you make it wet, it turns to soft grey/brown mud. Oh and it contains a few sea shells. Is this clay loam and is it good for growing star fruit, averrhoa carambola?


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