School Compost

Dec 14, 2019
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United States
Hey y’all! My name is Kyle and it’s a pleasure to meet you fine people.

I’m a sophomore in high school (Maryland) and am starting a compost club for my school!

I have seen so many receipts out there and while i’ve been vermicomposting for years this is more new to me. I’m planning on using a pallet system (cheaper, can get a lot for free).

I want to make three compost bins to start out of pallets, then start the process by making layers of carbon (probably some organic browns but school- so loads of shredded paper), soil, and nitrogen (food scraps). I plan to have someone different in the club turn it once a week to once every two weeks.

So my questions, can i use paper as a carbon source? How much of each layer? People say 25:1 carbon to nitrogen, is this volume or weight? If i’m using pallet systems, how should i set it up so it can properly work? Should i start the layers then turn the first day or let it sit? Any other advice?

edit:* This club will be starting in a few weeks, and will meet every two weeks until it starts to go on the upward rise of temp.


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