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Nov 27, 2019
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Russian Federation
First of all, we need to understand what is Compost?
- I have DACHA in Russia;
- In America, where I lived... You call personal houses "CABIN" :)
=================================================== ==
There are several types of compost:
1. Compost1, which for growing plants on the site.
This compost is done like this:
- Take a metal barrel .., drill a few round holes in its bottom ... Worms must penetrate this barrel and eat Compost1
- then fill the barrel: write the remains of the spoiled, mowed grass (but without seeds!) ..
You will get a very good Compost1 for growing plants that you can eat ...
(I have photos and videos, but the forum software platform is outdated and does not allow embedding )
2. Compost2, which we can use as a LEVELING plot of land, but never for Food!
This compost is done like this:
- Mow the weeds or grass that has seeds ..
- Put this garbage in those places of your piece of land that you want to "raise" ...
(Do you have problems on the land? Is it uneven?)
You do not have to pay money to any "Construction companies or Landscaping companies" ...
You should have Your Brains and Hands, but not Tongue and Ass ..

=================================================== =
2. Compost3, which we can use as ....
WC (toilet)
You should bury this Compost3 far from your land ... so that it is processed by natural aeration !!!! It takes time to process .. About 3-5 years!
Typically, in America and Russia, they sell the so-called "fertile soil" .. This soil, they say "for growing plants", but in fact, this is crap containing all the chemical waste that was drained into the sewers!
You are being deceived!
All people eat food and poop.
There is a problem, where to put poop?
Of course, if you have a sewage system, then there are no questions.
Let's try to figure out where to put the poop when you do not have either a sewage system or a septic tank system ...
You do not have much money and do not want to deal with a "septic system or sewage system"
(this system is called in Russia - the black water treatment system. In Russia, the most stringent Law on the purification of these waters)
(I hope that I am speaking in Adult Americans, but not with teenagers who will laugh ... Any Adult Person who has their own land should know the things that I will write)
1. When you poop and piss, then:
- Urine is a great product to help you heal a wound.
- Poop is a waste .. They have many pathogenic bacteria. We have to recycle poop

I hope I wrote more or less clearly.
If it’s not clear to you, then, let's take a closer look at other branches


Oct 8, 2017
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Birmingham, AL USA
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United States
Sanitation is a hidden requirement for recycling material. Weeds and E-coli bacteria are 2 problems if compost materials are not finished properly.

To lessen the site burden, picture sizes allowed are reduced. Resizing filters are used prior to upload. I am not sure why the filters are not part of the site except that the site would have to host both files making costs increase over time.

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