Raised beds with hardware cloth, cardboard & moles

Mar 25, 2020
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United States
Hi, new to the GFs... looking forward to learning a lot and sharing experiences.
We just created 2 Raised beds, 3' x 8' x 18" in Orlando FL, We are Zone 9b with sandy "waterproof" soil.. And we have mole issues.

Question: We want to use cardboard to attract earthworms in the raised beds. What's the proper order for layering the cardboard, soil and compost?
We've attached 1/2' hardware cloth to the bottom of the raised bed to keep out the moles. Do we put the cardboard down first or should we put wood chips, pine tree (christmas tree mulch), or topsoil down first, then put the cardboard? The concern is if we put the cardboard down directly on top of the hardware cloth, the earthworms technically won't be inside the bed, since (from what i've been reading) they love to live just under the cardboard. If that's the case, then the moles will be getting fat..

thanks so much for the input!


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