North Georgia Gardening Adventures

May 23, 2016
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Gainesville, GA
United States
Hey everyone,

This thread is to chronicle my first time growing a vegetable garden in North Georgia.

My plants are primarily Bonnie plants that I got from a local Home Depot. These plants include the following: 6 pack Bonnie Early Girl Tomatoes (1 dug up by my dog before I set up a fence); 1 Bonnie Orange Bell (killed by deer pushing down on my chicken wire fence); 2 Bonnie Sweet Banana Peppers (1 killed in the deer/fence incident of May 2016); 2 Bonnie Giant Marconi Sweet Peppers; 1 Bonnie Sweet Gypsy Pepper; 2 Bonnie Pimento Peppers; 1 Bonnie Red Bell; 1 Bonnie Yellow Bell; 1 Bonnie Cubanelle Pepper; 3 Gurney's Double Delight Hybrid Sweet Peppers (I am still waiting on the shipment); 6 pack of Bonnie Cucumbers (1 survived transplanting); 1 Bonnie Black Beauty Zucchini; 1 Black Beauty Eggplant; 1 Bonnie Sweet Basil; 1 Bonnie Garden Sage; 1 Bonnie Fernleaf Dill; 1 Bonnie Sweet mint; 1 Bonnie Quinault Strawberry; and 1 Bonnie Rosemary.

The following are the seeds I've used or am currently germinating: Ferry-Morse Watermelon (4 of 4 sprouted); Ferry-Morse Kardy Korn Hybrid (6 of 12 sprouted); Ferry-Morse Dwarf Grey Sugar Peas (6 of 6 sprouted); Ferry-Morse Cilantro (6 of 6 sprouted and were abruptly eaten by the dogs so I planted 4 more in a hanging pot); Ferry-Morse Fordhook Bush #242 Lima (2 of 4 sprouted and the 2 that did are big); Ferry-Morse emerald Artichoke (2 planted with no results); Ferry-Morse Grand Bell, Mixed Colors (30 or so seeds, 15 of those sprouted but had an accident prior to planting); Ferry-Morse Pepper (30 planted, none sprouted); and Burpee Sweet Pepper, Tangerine Dream (planted 10 a week ago, no sprouts yet).

The tomatoes are doing well and all five plants are flowering, and have grown to three feet. All the pepper plants are flowering, but only the Cubanelle has produced two very young fruit as of a few days ago. The remaining cucumber has doubled in height and is sporting two flowers. The Black Beauty Zucchini has tripled in circumference and the beginnings of what I think are flowers are budding. My Black Beauty Eggplant had some problems early on. I believe the leafs had powdery mildew and so I gave all my plants a 1/10 milk and water spaying solution a week ago. Today, the eggplant is doing well and the upper leafs are much larger. My basil and my mint plant is doing great. My rosemary, sage and dill all look about the same as when I bought them from the store; however, they do have new leafs growing. The strawberry has plenty of foliage but no flowers or fruit. Some of the strawberry plants in the store had fruit on them, but they looked weak so I chose the plant with a lot of foliage. I think I made a poor choice in that regard.

As a note, I have been using a used coffee ground and ground egg shell concoction for my peppers and tomatoes. I've also used blood meal in all of my soil. Finally, I have a 1/10 Epson salt to water ratio spray for my peppers and tomatoes bi-weekly.

Seeds, seeds are everywhere... and a lot of setbacks. I started about 30 pepper seedling cups of peppers and the majority sprouted back in early May. Unfortunately, I was hardening them on the back of my car to get direct sunlight and decided to drive off with them still on my trunk. They ended up on a busy roadway and I refused to collect the remains. Since then, I have started a few pepper seeds using various germinating methods. I am two days into the scarification method with no results, yet. I am two weeks into more seedling cups with no results, yet. I am a month into the ziplock bag and paper towel method with no results, yet.

My successful seeds have been my peas, limas, watermelon, corn and cilantro sprouts. My peas are on their way to growing up properly. They are about a month old and almost two feet tall.

The limas that sprouted are doing amazingly. They are covered in foliage and I hope to see beans soon.

All of my watermelon seedlings have sprouted and are looking healthy. Most of my corn has sprouted and is doing well.
The cilantro was doing well until my dogs got into the pot and ravaged the poor, unsuspecting cilantro. I have planted more cilantro seeds in a hanging pot and am awaiting their sprouting.

Below are a few pictures of my current garden (May 23, 2016):
13239257_1744366665831214_8155587688037689217_n.jpg My beautiful garden
13230189_1744366585831222_586127101358644808_n.jpg One of my two mighty limas
13237792_1744366619164552_2990305635674223108_n.jpg Just a sampling of my corn
13239327_1744366599164554_6517987707291238096_n.jpg A sweet little cubanelle pepper waiting to grow
13239885_1744366565831224_8457375361896648157_n.jpg A young watermelon sprout that will produce a delicious melon later in the summer
13244640_1744366532497894_5536505611939765936_n.jpg A confused pea that needs a little direction to make it toward the trellis

If anyone has any tips or insights on how to grow a better garden, or if you'd like to open a discussion, please leave a reply.

Thanks for reading and I will keep you updated as the growing season continues.

Feb 2, 2014
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La Porte Texas
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United States
One thing you will not find in any garden is instant gratification.

The only thing that I can see which might be a problem is that it seems to be quite shady. Otherwise its great

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