Newbie, says hello!

Feb 24, 2023
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Hello everyone. I'm from Perth, WA.

Being a total newbie to gardening I was wondering what tools I should get.

It's not a huge garden but has lawns that take about 45mins to do with an electric mower.
has borders, with a mango tree, and frangipani but no small plants with some kind of mulch covering.
It's a west-facing garden so gets the sun in the afternoon.

- Being a total newbie to gardening I was wondering what tools I should get.
Leaves aren't really an issue so no need for a rake.
I was thinking:
hand trowel. fork and weeder.
Anything else?

- I was keen to get some plants that will cover the borders throughout the year, which are robust and easy to manage. Perhaps lavender and those kind of things. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
Feb 13, 2021
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United Kingdom
Hi, welcome to the forum.
A hand fork and trowel are a good start. Look at the way the blade joins the handle, that is usually the point cheap tools give out, but they don't need to be expensive, if they are made with a sturdy handle welded on they can last for generations, a stamped out single piece of metal, bent round to go in the handle, can go in the first week. I would buy larger, more expensive tools as you need them, for me a hoe would be a priority, but I grow mainly fruit and veg. If you do get one go for one where the blade goes right down over the handle to a thicker end so it is forced tighter rather than off as you use it. A kneeler and a bucket are always useful.
When buying plants go for cheap ones, expensive does not mean better, it just means harder to propagate and keep alive. The plant and seed catalogues, paper or on line, are full of suggestions and great fun to read through, but some can be a bit over enthusiastic. Plan for size, larger at the back, smaller at the front, annuals, like marigolds, can be good at the very front.
Remember to feed things, you say it is mulched, a good start, but nothing does well on impoverished soil, except some weeds.

Welcome to the world of gardens. Enjoy! As the pizza waiters say :)

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