Calatheas.. 3 problems.. could u help a newbie?

Jun 26, 2022
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Hi, I'm Diego from Italy, and a few months ago I bought my first plants. I love calathea

all of they are in my covered terrace with no direct sun, but it is very bright. they are all togheter with every saucer filled with water and pebbles to grant humidity.

I tried to wet them a little to avoid stagnation, but I'm never sure when it's time to give water back again.

i have 3 questions for you

1) Calathea Crocata. I bought it 10 days ago with beautiful flowers, now they are withered and crispy. do i have to take them off? and they will return again in this year?

2) Calathea DOTTIE
it is potted together with 3 other small calatheas, the 3 is ok but it is unwell. what do u think?

3) Calathea orbifolia. i have a baby and this big leaf go from pic 1 to pics 2 in 4 days. what happen??

before, 4 days ago


thanks a lot to all!!


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