Indoor Milkweed yellowing & rooting plugs for propagation

May 11, 2020
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Falmouth, MA
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I propagated from cuttings of my outdoor tropical milkweed back in September. I've had success with rooting, and some have even grown nicely indoors during the off season, but all 6 are struggling with yellowing leaves which quickly drop after yellowing. The yellowing leaves tend to have black spots per the attached pictures.

The indoor temperature stays at about 75 degrees fahrenheit and they're receiving as much as sunlight as possible during winter months (south facing window). I'm watering every other day or every third day, when the soil is visibly dry and dry to the touch.

With tropical milkweed, would you recommend letting the plant fully dry out between waterings, or would it be better to water when the plant is still slightly moist (surface is dry, but 1 inch+ down isn't completely bone-dry).

The yellowing /dropping leaves would be indicative of overwatering right - especially with the black spotting? I'm just confused as I expected that it would rather be slightly moist consistently rather than letting it completely dry out, but I guess this symptom suggests the opposite?

I'm wondering if part of the issue is with my use of peat propagation plugs - they seem to have higher moisture retention than the surrounding soil (more dense), so could this be encouraging root rot or symptoms of overwatering? Have you all ever found this to be an issue?


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