Hello from Northern Illinois!

Jul 7, 2022
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Joliet, IL
United States
Hello everyone! Scott & Cody here. Cody is originally from the heart of the Ozark's Missouri. He grew up on a dairy farm and has been growing vegetables on the farm since he was a kid. Scott grew up in the Chicago suburbs but has always enjoyed having a small garden. This year we designed 8 raised beds along with using several growing bags. We started all of our plants from seeds this year and are growing 100% organic. We also started an Instagram to document our progress. We plan on doing our best to become urban homesteaders. Our plans included canning our own food, making our own seasoning from our herbs, and try to living as sustainable as possible. We looking forward to being part of the forum. Feel free to check out our Instagram for more garden photos and updates @2guysnagarden.



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