Hello! Veteran of a "another website" you should avoid!

Jul 5, 2022
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United States
Some of you might recognize my ID from somewhere else. I really have enjoyed that place over the years but many of the better participants have trailed off. The final nail in the coffin though, was finding out they had 'shadow banned' who knows how many of my posts. This was a moderation technique developed for extreme nuisance posters...and it's ridiculous that it was applied to mine which were praised for their thoughtfulness and detail. Was my tone too acerbic at times for some silicone (LOL) valley 'Karen' with a job in content moderation? I guess so! The company that bought that forum a few years ago, has a reputation for very shady business practices including selling private data and ripping off consumers and interior designers who used the site for promotion purposes. Soo it's best to avoid supporting them, anyhow.

I probably won't adopt that persona here simply for the lack of time. I recently visited one of the most amazing private gardens I've ever seen, Sakonnet in Rhode Island, and came away re-committed to putting the necessary time into my garden. And that means, less posting in online forums! But I will share occasional updates on plants in my garden, and revive some of my thread ideas here. At the end of the year it would be fun to do a 'post your favorite picture from your garden' thread, as I started over there. It was very popular and garnered many replies and likes.

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