Fish tanks can double as tiny water gardens. =D

Mar 15, 2018
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The very thin, straggly grass will eventually spread and cover the entire bottom of the tank, it's just a bit light starved from quarantine- I had to get those pest snails off them after all. It's a Lilaeopsis. The big seaweed type ones are Elodeas, and the little one with no leaves is actually a Banana Lily. It'll come back too. The big one on the driftwood log is an Anubias. It's gonna be my little deskside water garden. There are cherry shrimp to eat algae off the grass and do plant maintence, an apple snail to help keep everything going smoothly, and a betta which can do population control on the shrimp. Everything will grow and this moderately planted tank will become heavily planted.
The main reason the Banana Lily is struggling is before I got the shrimp it got algae on it and couldn't get light for itself- the apple snail saved it! =D


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