Dying Fiddle Leaf Fig - help!

Jun 27, 2020
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United States
Can anyone help me identify what is wrong with my fiddle leaf fig? It was thriving for months even sprouting new leaves & suddenly started dying after I moved it like 3-4 feet closer to a window when I was out of town. Ever since then the leaves have gotten spotty dark brown/black spots & have been falling off. I’ve lost 4 leaves in the last week. I thought maybe it was root rot or shock, but the way the spots are it seems more bacterial. I do weekly misting of neem oil mixture so not sure what bacteria would survive that? I think I see a sort of rust color on the leaves but could just be the lighting? Not sure

I water it usually every 2 weeks - I allow it to fully dry out before watering again. I will be purchasing a moisture meter on Monday to be sure of that. It’s in a teracotta pot with a drainage hole, and gets indirect light (even when it was 4 feet closer to the window it was still indirect) Any info on what you think it is/a solution to save it would be much appreciated!




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