Calathea help - any way of saving?

Oct 5, 2020
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United Kingdom
Hi everyone, I'm new here and new to looking after plants too, so would really appreciate some advice.

I bought this Calathea back in June and it was thriving until I moved house. The new house had problem with heating that took a couple of months to be fixed, and in that time, while the house was very cold, my poor plant took a nose dive. Now most of the leaves have at least a little bit of 'crispiness' to them, and one (which was always a bit lighter) is completely discoloured.

The heating is now fixed so I try to keep it in the warmest room in the house, but that room doesn't have much light and I still feel that perhaps it's not warm enough. It also droops more than I'd like - I know these guys move with the light, but the leaves are almost always pointed down and I'm worried that I'm doing something wrong that's causing that, too!

Is this plant save-able?? What are my next steps, and how do I address the 'crispy' leaves??

For ref, I live in London, so it's getting into Autumn (i.e. rain and cold)- and the tap water here is quite 'hard', so I don't know if that also might have something to with it?!


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