Buttercup squash, Cucumber trellis, pumpkin & melon hugelkultur

Jul 15, 2014
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You have seen the Hugelkultur gardens growing greens, tomatoes, peppers, but I have shown you little of the patches of gardens and container gardens around the yard. Below are the hugelkultur mounds growing varieties of melons, such as honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon.

melons growing on hugelkultur

Santa claus melon plants

Another hugelkultur mound, located in front of the house, is growing pumpkins. This location receives little sun, but there are patches of sun throughout the day. One problem we have been having with this hugelkultur mound in particular is that there are critters living inside and eating the roots and plants. I think birds watched me plant pumpkin seeds too and ate them. I noticed that many seeds and plants were dug up or eaten, and there were holes made throughout this bed. I am fortunate to have this many pumpkins left.

pumpkins growing on hugelkultur

I am growing buttercup squash for the first time. For these, I dug 6 big holes, filled with garden soil and planted the seeds. These have grown quickly, located in full sun in between the herb garden and grape vines. They are growing on a slope so that they can crawl downhill.

buttercup squash plants

Also in the front of the house is a patch of cucumbers with a trellis. The trellis is a wire fencing attached to metal posts in the ground. The fencing is leaning so that the cucumbers will easily crawl up the trellis.
Beside the rows of cucumbers are a large mound of potato varieties, tomatoes, and peas growing on a trellis. This garden patch gets morning sun, but the maple trees shade this garden for most of the day.

cucumbers growing

tomatoes, potatoes, peas, & cucumber patch

Luffa plants growing in containers

I have some plants growing in large containers, such as Luffa (loofah) plants. I have yet to make a a trellis for them. I have been eying the fencing that I was using for the raspberries, so maybe I'll fashion the fencing into a trellis for them.
For the cucumber plants, I leaned a pallet up against a building for the cucumbers to grow upwards, and also a piece of a baby crib for another container of cucumbers.
Other vegetables I have growing in containers include Tomatoes, black eyed peas, black beans, and a melon plant that is either Santa Claus or Canary melon.

Cucumbers in containers

Cucumbers & Tomato trellis

black eyed peas & black beans in containers

canary or santa claus melon plant

Original post @ Buttercup squash, Cucumber trellis, pumpkin & melon hugelkultur

-Cassie K, vegans living off the land
Jan 31, 2015
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Where do you live? I assume it is further north than NC. Our summer squash is nearly done for the season, but I want to get my winter squash in before (or right at the beginning of) August so that it is established enough to take on the winter. This will be my first time growing a fall garden. I'm excited.

I like your space. I like how spread out it is and how natural it looks. We are in a suburban neighborhood. We are sort of working to de-landscape our space and get things organized but natural looking. As I focus on one small area a season I like to see inspirational pictures. Thanks for sharing.
Sep 20, 2012
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All your plants look so healthy, Cssie K! You clearly have a green thumb:) It must be wonderful to be able to grow so many vegetables. I'm sure they're super delicious.
Jun 22, 2015
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I am greatly amused with buttercup squash, this is the first time I've heard of it. Maybe you can post the photo when you harvest them so I get to see it. Very interesting to know that you call that Luffa maybe an offshoot of the Luffa sponge used in bathing. We have that in our backyard last year and we plant that for the vegetable (young luffa) which we mix with the Chinese noodle. It is called PATOLA here.

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