The weekendgardenkit; is there a need?

Do you think there is a need for the WeekendGardenKit?

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  • Yes, but garden centers don't need this.

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  • No, but garden centers may buy it anyway.

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  • No

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Apr 3, 2013
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We are trying to formulate a couple strategies for a product that helps DIY gardeners. The Weekend Garden Kit was designed by a professional landscape designer and uses the combination of a 5ft by 10ft gridded weed barrier and design cards that help homeowners be less intimidated by gardening.
The gridded landscaping barrier allows the customer to know exactly where to place each plant. It's like battleship with plants! ideally they will be working with local garden centers (NOT big name retailers) to develop layouts that will be efficient.
From how the professional described it, there are certain rules to gardening/landscaping that the younger person may not want to do days of research just to come up with a basic shrub or vegetable garden arrangement.
By offering pre-designed cards that show the visual appearance of the completed project, a list of plants needed for purchase, and the layout (spacing/light levels). Each card/design is engineered to be completed within a weekend and build the confidence of the consumer.
Primarily I was wondering not just if you would buy these cards or gridded weed barrier, but what features would really catch your attention as a consumer? We are targeting Garden Centers to sell these products and wish to provide them with customer retention and a Return On Investment.
We already have a mobile app in production with a fully loaded landscape cadding software solution for the garden center to further assist customers planning using the 5ft by 10ft weed mat. We are supposed to focus on selling the weed mat and design cards to the garden centers instead of the app though. Since Im more of a computer person and less of a gardener I would love your help with this.
Apr 10, 2013
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My first reaction was, "No, that isn't needed," but as I kept reading your post, it seemed like it could be valuable to someone who is insecure when it comes to gardening, someone who has no one to teach them, or someone who feels they have no time to learn.

I liked the idea of a grid to show how far apart to grow the plants. Newbies might be stressed about that (I was when I began decades ago). It might be good to note which plants should not be planted next to each other and which would do best planted next to each other (I'm supposing that the kit allows the customer freedom to choose their own plants). Including a variety of gardens would be good, I think: veggies, butterfly, herbs, etc.

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