The sun is out the sky is blue and and im made up how about you?

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Peace perfect peace

Well the rains gone and ive been in the garden from early on,
Ive just finished cutting all the grass area' ref the ride-on "I say ref the ride on because i still need the use of the walk behind mower to get under a few tree bases & the odd area"s here and there, But as the weather forcast for next week is getting better by the day, Ive taken advantage and cut the lawn, (And eat a lot of red berry's as ive passed the tree's)

One of the cheapest and best tools is the hoe, If you can spend an hour hoing you'll save hours weeding,
As ive said i use the 4inch thick compost method to keep the weeds down but some area's still need tobe kept in check and the hoe is a good tool for this,

The note books been out and notes taken on a few area"s that could use my own compost,
The pots of tulip/daff's etc are being moved out of view behind the pump house and new pots put in place with verious summer flowering plants in them
"It's nice to have lots going on and lots of colour in the garden and around the likes of the old well and on the outside celler steps.
Time for a nice coffee:)
Jan 31, 2018
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Keir Hardy
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When I saw the title I thought of this.

The sun is out
The sky is blue

There's not a cloud
To spoil the view
But it's raining
Raining In My Heart

I like to play that now and again on my leccy piano,

It was raining yesterday and will be raining tomorrow.

But I got a lot done this morning, dead-headed the roses and a couple of rhodos, pruned the wisterias, had a general sweep round and vacuum up.
Doesn't sound a lot but it took me nearly three hours. So much for my "low maintenance," garden.

I did spend some time on some wisteria training.

This pink one starts here in the small bed under the kitchen window next to the fence. I keep pruning off any new growth that appears near the root or half-way up the trunk, it will keep trying to put more out.


Part of it grows along the wall under the kitchen window, a bit more grows up to the pergola and a few feet along it.

Most of what you can see is the rest of that big branch that comes from the narrow bed next to the garage and then along the top of the fence between the garage and the house.


But some years ago, I trained a branch to grow over the fence and along the side of the house. I used to prune it off once it had reached the end of the kitchen window, but this year I let it carry on growing.


It's now reached a point beyond the landing window. Today I put a couple more screws into the wall to support it. I'll let it continue to grow until it reaches the front corner of the house then prune off the ends. This will make it bush up if I continue to cut back all the side shoots it throws out.


So far, we've been getting blooms up as far as the side kitchen window. But there should be more next year.

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