The Best Seat in the House

Jun 29, 2022
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We're new to gardening - last year we put 9 raised beds at the top of our garden, and three small apple trees a little further down the hill.

This March we fenced off the whole area (to protect it from our 4 Beagles) and turned it into a cross between an English cottage garden, a potager and a food forest.

I can't believe how well it's worked - just 4 months later it looks as if it's always been there. Most of my photos (taken by hubby) are close ups. I'll get some full garden shots and also of the wonderful view from this seat!!

The garden is on a north / east facing hill, and this seat is quite near the top. There's a stream at the bottom of the hill, and the South / West facing hill on the other side of the burn is a field full of horses, cows and calves. From this seat (built by hubby) you look down through the potager/food forest and onto the farmland beyond.

There are sunflowers everywhere, an abundance of veggies and flowers and sweet smelling sweet peas right beside the chair,

IMG_2037 by Paul Roberts, on Flickr




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