New/wild roses popped up under old Maple?

Apr 22, 2022
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Norwood, NJ
United States
There are a couple of Crimson Norway maples in front of my house, and a couple of years ago I separated the area under them from the lawn, as it was lumpy with roots and always patchy, and last year, I limbed them up so they didn't look so heavy, and to improve the view. Well, late last summer, as I was tidying the area up, I noticed what looked like a couple of tiny rose bushes. Now there are four, and the two I noticed before are doing well, but they're still tiny. They're all around the one tree, no signs of any around the other. Could they be wild roses, or could they be remnants of something cultivated when the trees were small, coming back to life now that there's a little more light and they aren't getting mown down all the time? I'm a big fan of those wild white roses that are so fragrant - I hope it's those.... I was thinking I might transplant them, but maybe they belong where they are. Thoughts? I'll see if I can get a photo, for ID, and see what google lens says; it identified a vine growing under a white pine as a raspberry. I hope it's right - a lot more of those vines have popped up in another out-of-the-way patch that I'd be happy to see filled with brambles, and those little wild raspberries that grow around here are nice.

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