Ive a feeling i was in for a leek or two,

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Peace perfect peace

Greetings to the world of gardeners,
Its been and still is a real hot day, one of those days your glad your retired and the days all yours,
Ive been out side most of the day But ive come in to see the P.C. and whats happening in this mad world we live in
(And to find out whats for dinner):spam::spam::spam: and chips with that special gravy only my wife can make,

Ive a raised bed i built this year and i put a load of those curly lettuce's in one line; and toms in the next and three lines of leeks, ive been weeding a few weeds out and giving a dose of epson salt around the spare compost area, im going to put a few more leeks in this last space,

I find the little weeding i do can be relaxing ,And when the weathers like it is today "Well you can't go wrong"
I sorted the main weeding problems out years ago and so i dont have a lot of weeding these days, I use the old method of 4 inch deep compost,
Just like Mother nature's way of doing things,
If you get the time and take a walk through a woods, take a look at the area under the spread of the trees branches and you'll not see very many weeds,"


Well after the trees have grown all the leaf and pine needles the next stage is for all this growth to fall down to the ground,
If the leaves etc are just left in the landing place they'll pile up more and more over time and the only weeds you may see are ones dropped by birds or blown by the wind, the worms take what they take and thats one of the feeds the tree lives on, But weeds cant and wont grow without light and season after season these trees are continuing to pile more & more fresh coverings,
I do the same with layer after layer of compost and it works ref keeping the weeds very well in check, and also im not provinding a bedding area for slugs etc
If i used straw etc as a mulch then ive given myself both work removing the slugs and the damage factor slugs do to veg etc,
I learnt this way of Weed control thanks to a writer & gardener who died a few years ago called DR SHOWELL COOPER MBE NDH FRSL
Ive read so many of his books on many a winters night tucked up by the wood burner and thanks to this man i learnt so much,

So if you find your spending to much time weeding then give the 4 inch deep compost mulch ago,:smuggrin:

Playing right now is the funky chicken (Rufus Thomas) Brilliant Brass section,

After Dinner and when its cooled off im going to continue turning another part of the border and adding another barrow load of my own compost and verious bedding plants "all home grown" and the odd tomatoe plant for good measure,

Ive not seen another human or heard the sound of any cars/tractors today, the most sound ive heard is a couple of doves in the trees at the rear to our place
And the wife:headphone:
Well "PLEASE" think what a hard life we have around 10pm tonight (I"ll be having a nice night cap) still in the garden, But on the swinging seat.

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