The return from big store shop "ALIVE" and seeing things much better now,

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Peace perfect peace

Well as you can see (well read anyway) Im still alive after our big monthly shop and ive no trolly crash marks,
And because of these new rules ref spacing all the barn door size people couldn't gather for a chat and to block the passage ways,
So we got around the store in good time (until cashing in counter)

Why is it that these huge strores with 15 check out counters only have 3 open and people standing on these spaced out lines all the way around the walls of the store? Crazy,
And the loo's had a sign due to virus these toilets are locked, Dont we need to have use of such places ?
France and french men are famouse for peeing any place they feel the need and as we walked across the car park you could see a line of men standing and helping keep the weed population in check (urination kills weeds) and takes the shine off polished shoes,:D

Any way as im sure you can see from the Title "Seeing things much better" Ive gone mad and bought something i'll not use every day but when needed is a very handy thing to have,
It's a battery operated screen on a long flex that you can use to see into verious places you normaly can't "like between engine block and car body work,
Any place the likes of nut's may fall etc etc,
This is a nice bit of kit and comes with attachments such as fish style hook and 4 barb hook, even a magnet,to help lift or fishout the lost bits & pieces
Im made up with this purchase it's well made and comes with it's own case that fits to a belt,
So i can see things much better and maybe get a little fishing in,:watching:


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