It's a funny Old Game, Golf.

Jan 31, 2018
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Today I had to say goodbye to an old friend...well...I'd had it for two years, it replaced one I'd had for fifteen years.

My Powakaddy leccy trolley.


Playing golf on Wednesday, I'd left it by the side of a green whilst I putted out (in the final of our winter competition!). Unfortunately, I'd not noticed it was on a slight slope and it slowly rolled unseen into one of the lateral streams. There's lots of streams on the sides of fairways on our course and such an occurance isn't unusual. I know several members with similar experiences. As they are quite heavy, the usual trick is to let it go down one of the slopes on the fairways, as hanging on to it to slow it down can make you slip on wet ground. But it's easy for one to hit a patch of uneven ground and it veer off to the side and find a stream.

At the moment the streams are quite deep. It was almost completely submerged.That obviously was the end of my round.
We're all matter of fact about such things, I said to my two partners to carry on without me. One of them said, "Err, can I have my card?" The procedure is that we each mark another partner's card. "Sure," I said" but you'll have to get it, it's in my bag!" The surface of the stream was about four feet below the level of the fairway.
This had me and the other partner in fits of laughter. It wasn't really a problem, he'd be able to fill in another card as we put both scores down on the cards. So off they went to the next tee.
A call to the pro shop triggered the assistance of a couple of the greenkeepers and they came down quite quickly in a couple of buggies and dragged it out and gave me and the trolley a lift back to the car park.

I took it home and cleaned it up. Everything in my golf bag was wet with muddy stream water so the bag needed a hose down then a wash with soapy water, then hung upside down in the garage to dry out and all the clothes had to go in the washing machine.
I feared the worst for the trolley, they have lithium batteries now, weighing no more than a bag of sugar and are very expensive.

Yesterday I took the trolley down to the village "trolley shop." We fortunately have one, but not even every does.
Today I got the verdict. Fifteen minutes submerged had done it no good. The battery was U/S as expected, so was the motor and so was the digital display. To repair it would have cost nearly as much as new trolley. So that's what I'll be getting on Monday, it's been ordered. A later model, plus a new brolly holder which got broke when the old one went in.

The bag was no worse for the dunking, nor were my clubs, any of the graphite shafts of the irons or woods could have been snapped by the fall.
So I'll be all ready to go on Wednesday next week.
I checked with my house and contents insurance provider. Apparently, it's not insured as "possessions insured away from the house," as having a motor, they class it as a "motor vehicle."
I'd have still had to pay the £250 excess even if it were, but that would have been nearly half the price of the new trolley.
I'm not really that bothered. It was more an inconvenience than anything else.
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